Why British women are dating and marrying foreigners?

Foreign guys usually do not show bad manners as they try to impress British women. British women marry foreigners, because they almost never show negative emotions towards them. Maybe foreign guys just play such game of being extremely nice to win women’s attention? But even if it is so – they’re good in this.

Also the U.K. women marry foreigners for their determination and ability to appreciate woman. Many of these foreigners whom British women marry are immigrants in the U.K. Many of them are known by generous attitude towards local women.

Dating a foreigner brings more fun into life which is also very important in cold and conservative English environment.

Foreign men usually do not have children even when they are divorced. Even if they have, British woman does not know about this in most cases and very rarely expat would inform his British lady (his ticket to better life) about his ex-wife, ex-family far away abroad at his home country.

Many 40+ British women feel lonely, they don’t have any other great satisfaction in life that to start dating strong muscled guy. Sometimes African immigrants are chosen for boyfriends. Many foreigners are attractive. Deep eyes, exotic face, masculine sport type body¬† – features which drive many English women crazy.

Interracial marriages become more often occurrence in the United Kingdom. It is natural that nowadays globalized world brings us many contacts with people of different cultures, races and nationalities. These people are getting to know each other, build relations, date each other and get married. These days it is popular in Great Britain. The U.K. often is not we imagine. If one had never been there and only judge about it from movies about Sherlock Holmes he’s going to be surprised. We have to recall that in ancient time influence of Normans to local culture was mainly due to mixed marriages and that impact created strong state as we see The United Kingdom nowadays.

By the way, in the U.K. there are different types of mixed marriages. These marriages could be not only between people of different races, but also among different ethnic and even religious groups. The last one is especially important in Great Britain, because most often in order such marriage to become possible one of the spouses usually takes the religion of another one and sometimes, if members of different religious groups are married, it might mean some of the spouses is lying, usually a husband, who might come back to his home country after he becomes a citizen of the U.K.

There are also some things like marriage licenses, which give an opportunity to some foreigners marry people of another country and culture. In general, percentage of interracial marriages in Great Britain increases since the middle of 20th century. As for now, interracial marriages in the U.K. are normal thing people have already got used to, but earlier attitude to interracial marriages was rather negative and women had to suffer from ridicules jokes and condemnation of neighbors, relatives and colleagues at work. Sometimes it was even overrated to such an extent that these women who previously had been married to a man of other race, culture or religion were thought to be discredited persons and later could not find themselves husband of their culture. The words like ‘feelings’, ‘real love’ and even ‘compassion’ were alien words at that times and thank God that times have already gone and today we have different point of view on interracial marriages and new generation thinks out of the box.

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However, at first, mixed marriages could bring some problems to the kids of mix-married parents. Those problems might occur, if mother speaks English, father does not teach his children his native language and as the result they are going to have grandparents who would not be able to understand their grandchildren. These are problems to which you have to be prepared if you would like to conduct mixed interracial or intercultural marriage in the U.K.

Usually marriages with person of other culture are conducted when man and woman were divorced before and got disappointed in some feature(s) of character in their compatriots. Those people have found in each other in representative of different culture, something very nice and warm, something unique and charming and some minor thing has become real reason when two foreign hearts joined forever together.

People have different attitude to mixed marriages. Most people in the U.K. got used to them. Some religious groups might condemn such marriages as yet it was said marriages should not be mixed, because representatives of other culture do not believe in real God, but worship pagan gods. That is ancient religious point of view to such kind of spouses. Must say, people who were brave enough to marry person of different culture are struggling for their happiness even at our times, because they have to brake many barriers in front of themselves and other people don’t even realize that and more often they themselves create obstacles to those people in everyday life. Obstacles made by curve view, unacceptable behavior and even deride toward those married people. You think it is impossible in such democratic and developed country as the U.K. is today? Of course, it is not that bad at all, but even slightly negative atmosphere towards mixed marriages could be observed in the U.K. But if you are one of those who would like to make such important step and marry person of other culture in the United Kingdom, you don’t have anything to worry about, go straight to your personal happiness in married life.