UK Woman Characteristics

Let’s start with the “myths”. There are opinions that U.K. women are looking not attractive and then we usually see some non pleasant comparisons. That’s not true. Englishwomen are nice and pretty. Even in London live more than 9 million people. How many pretty women you’ll find out of 9 million? A lot! And in terms of whole country? And if to take into consideration that understanding of beauty is subjective?

British women are not too much about appearance, are not mercantile in relationship and basically not chasing for money. But this does not negate a class society. Englishwoman of the upper middle class will not often go dating with a man of the middle class, for example. There are a lot of feminists, therefore, it affected the relationship between men and women. Englishwoman is not the one who could be described as woman who takes care about the house, she is rather eager to make a career or has her own business to do.

In general, the U.K. women start to plan children quite late. Many are afraid to lose their freedom and are afraid to be dependent on man, and as a result – really late ripening for family relationship. British women do not wait for men beautiful courtship and do take what they like.

Common are intercultural marriages and relationships. Couples where an Englishwoman, for example, is dating an African man are common, but couples where an Englishwoman would date with a man from Eastern Europe are rare.

There is a suggestion of a spherical English lady in a vacuum with beautiful manners and education. It has place to be, but only among the aristocracy and upper middle class.

Many women have sharp men’s movements. Many do not smile but show their teeth. It’s not often you meet a woman with a pleasant laugh, soft and graceful plasticity. Many loudly laugh, sometimes as much as flinch in surprise, very loud and strained under the courtesy to the other party to be supported as the interlocutor and with or without cause. Why should they exactly laugh so loudly is hard to understand. And at the same time eyes are missing the smile.

In transport, they paint naiis and make manicure, do not care that someone has to breathe it. In the office, no one thinks it isĀ  bad idea to take cloying perfume and spirits, not leaving to the WC before.

British women do not pursue brands, there is a certain layer in which they chase, but in general there is no race for brands. Englishwomen use little make up, prefer the convenience of style in clothes. Common to see in the morning City women dressed in a business suit, but in sneakers and with backpack. Heels are usually seen only in a club or restaurant, sometimes as a removable shoes in the office, but rarely. General style: jeans, sneakers, sports jacket, dark coat.

Leggings and skinny jeans are popular among the U.K. women as well. As for leggings, earlier they worn them with a long shirt or skirt, but now they wear them as pants.

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Among aristocratic ladies fairly typical appearance is a long face, unexpressed sloping chin, long crooked teeth. Dentition is not deployed to the outside, but is a deep narrow semicircle, thin lips, small mouth, long nose. Englishwoman of the middle class and upper middle class are quite comely and pleasantly looking.

Other common examples of English women style:


This is version of the hard English glamor. Required artificial tanning, silicone in all the projections of the body, push-bleached jaw botox equanimity, artificial nails, hair, eyelashes. Rhinestones on the pubis or better everywhere. Brilliant dress bondage fully open. The shoes on the platform and stiletto meter. Towie is acronym derived from the name staged reality show The Only Way Is Essex.

A typical example of women a la towie grazing in Friday night at any British city. In such a way they walk even when freezing temperatures in winter. Despite the fact that towies try to look as much as possible rich and glamorous, they are pretty unpretentious against men and would be happy if boyfriend would walk her to burger’s caffee.


Scouser is quite contemptuous name of a resident of Liverpool. It is hard to describe these extravagance things.

Nothern lasses

Further north in New Castle, the home to the free spirit, you’ll find Nothern lasses. They are not very different from towies and scousers, well, only dress better and probably drink stronger… and more.


They have no geographical boundaries within the Kingdom. Chavs are not the working class, they live on unemployment benefits. These women’s fashion style is sportswear with hair collected in a spectacular “ponytail” and earrings. Must-have accessory for chavs is tin of Energy drink in one hand, while the second hand is pushing a stroller.