What do we know about British women

If the French many in the world do not like, but a lot forgive them, admiring French women, then with Britain the situation is reversed: paying tribute to the dignity of the British, the world sympathizes with them, looking at English women. Dostoevsky one to protect them, once remarked in his diary: “… In the world there is no such type of beautiful women, as an English …” But the genius was had not quite adequate view of the world.

According to the results of a poll conducted by the magazine “FHM”, English women are the most unpretty women in Europe and second by unattractiveness in the world after the Afghan women. They come close to German women and Russian women, for example, took the sixth place and are ahead of the Albanian and Turkish women.

Karl Lagerfeld, forgetting about political correctness, has announced that British women are thick and have no figure and will not be able to wear what he creates. Network “H & M”, which cooperates with designer changed the silhouette of some models due to the fact that the size of many residents of the UK are far from the proportions of Twiggy. Iron Carl stated that he creates for slim people, and the company has demanded an apology from him.

Even local “icons” of Beauty retreating: the Englishwoman has ceased to please even Victoria Beckham. Despite the partnership with “Dolce & Gabbana”, she came in second place in the list of badly dressed female stars because of too short mini-skirts, eternal studs and open tops.

Business Card of Englishwoman, living in the country rains and fogs, which became the talk of the town is beautiful skin, not lacking in moisture. Winter boots in summer and sandals, put on the colored tights combined with sophisticated piercings is norm on a London street, shocking only to those who have never seen the works of British fashion designers. Sometimes it seems that an advanced English woman is an island that deeply does not care what people from overseas countries think of her.

United Kingdom, the symbol of conservatism, in reality turned out to be a curious country, do not shun even kitsch, which turned into art. Anglo-Saxon mind fashion designers do not accept mediocrity. Read also: What are English women like

Persona relationship between inhabitants of the British kingdom are restraint. The couple rarely interfere in personal life of each other. Emotions are suppressed, there are no noisy scenes, in “Italian Armistice”. Three-quarters of British women believe the most important thing in a family is understanding, tact and foresight. Author of the book “The English character” Geoffrey Gorer published the following data in his poll: 33% of British women value understanding in their husband the most, 28% – caring, 24% – humor, 23% – honesty, 21% – loyalty, 19% – generosity, 17 % – tolerance and only 14% – love. Adultery is banned taboo, talking about sex is not more than about the income. Betrayal is not a cause for mockery and is outrageous fact of encroachment on someone else’s property. Unique British tolerance is primarily a non-intervention in the lives of others, as inviolable private property.

Inviting you into her house, an Englishwoman will not lead the guest anywhere but the living room, where the pictures of her relatives will look at you. By the way, going to the guests, take with you an extra sweater as English houses are rarely warm in fact. The islanders do not see this as inconvenience, think how local kids sleeping in chairs with bare knees and open head in zero temperatures.

Enlisting all the new enemies of feminism, an Englishwoman drink an average of more than three bottles of wine a week. By the way, British doctors warned British women that if they will think a lot, they can have a brain disease. Those did not listen and got a huge law. Only one detail: some girls from the suburbs dream of becoming single mothers and get free housing from the state and welfare. It is possible to live modestly but comfortably, without denying yourself and in cosmetics. Englishwoman buy a lot of cosmetics and now occupy the first place in Europe in terms of their consumption.

English women are pretty in a unique way, this is different beauty than everyone in the world got used to.

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