How can I marry British woman

To marry British woman is not that easy, but not that hard either. All depends on particular woman, her moral qualities and personal preferences, including taste for men, views for life and ability to accept family life; sacrifice some personal space to the family. Such peculiarities give the whole range of different approaches and might affect in a different way your attitude. Depending on woman your approach on her would be different as well, of course, in case you want succeed. Otherwise, this all just makes no sense.

Some might argue that leading-to-marriage approaches do not depend on nationality of the woman, but on particular woman only. Well, that makes some sense, but cultural differences are very important and influence every aspect of life, including pre-dating period, style and atmosphere during the dates (including what to wear, what restaurant to go, what to speak about); period of dates and small presents; and the period of common relations, that include living together before marriage; and marriage. Some women in Britain would prefer marriage and only after common life under one roof and sleeping in one common bed.

When you ask yourself how to marry British woman, you have clearly identify her age for yourself, as it depends and age of the woman directly influences on her choice of a partner and willingness to marry or not. If woman is old, but is young inside and looks for passion and forgotten memories, you might have a chance. Though, if it is not your way and you are looking for young UK girl to marry, than your chances get much lower. Young British women prefer to have some time in life to live for their own joy. Some prefer to make a career first and because of that do not have serious relations. Very often, they turn into type we were talking at first: old ladies, hungry for feelings. Some young girls from United Kingdom choose free way of life, when they are living for pleasure, get impregnated and bare kids for getting money and estate from the government. Such young women are called Euro trash or British Eurotrash. Although, there are many of such type women in most of highly economically developed countries. Level of economy is such high, that unemployed get more than enough to get dressed, have food and drinks and that is enough for them. Moreover, such young moms get serious support from the government, as they give birth to new citizens. They get discounts for house loans, etc. Read also:What do we know about British women?

Nowadays question “How can I marry British woman” becomes an issue because of massive attacks of scammers and fraudsters. They are trying to marry any British woman just to get right to live and work in UK and get a citizenship within some time. Maybe this mercantile attitude would not be so much bad if after citizenship validation those foreign husbands not leave their ticket-to-better-life-wives.

However, many Britons become victims of fraudsters. Men, usually from poor African countries, but not necessarily, are just hunting for British women to marry for getting UK passport. Such marriage opens many doors for representatives of poor countries, who work in UK for temporary permit or even illegally. Such tricky fraudsters are looking for older British women, who are alone and experience lack of man’s attention. They are getting acquainted, show sympathy and demonstrate passion to those lonely old women and those women think this is real love and real feelings. Nevertheless, very often after getting permanent visa within some years husbands get British citizenship and divorce poor older wives. Those women get shock and nervous disorders because of that. Moreover, new happy British citizen brings his whole family from Ghana or Zimbabwe to UK; his whole family includes his real wife, who was waiting for her husband for years, several kids, etc.

Universal advice for those men who would like to marry British women would sound like if you want to marry her you need her to like you first and love you then. If you spend pleasant time together, talk on the phone or Internet for hours without getting tired always wondering where are new topics are suddenly coming out from, this is it – the first step to love. Then it is important to check your feelings, to understand if this is not just temporary joy. It is useful to wait for some time in order to miss each other. Real feelings during short-term separation would become stronger and nor real would just fade away. If you made all those pre-checks, as I like to call them, then it is a high time to share common roof. It is one type of thing to talk on the phone and have lots of fun during dating and very different thing to live in one house, maybe using the same toilet and not to be embarrassed by farting at some moment. If your relations are on such strong difficulty level and you are both happy, you may surely ask your British girlfriend to marry you.

Remember, not depending on cultural aspects, all the women of Earth have many in common. They like self-confident, but not overconfident men, who are able to provide them interesting and safe future together. Women are looking for reliable partner, who is able to support and understand. Man, who has such qualities, being able to combine them with manners, some romantics and understanding British culture, has full chance to conquer British woman’s heart, some day asking her to become his wife.

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