Are British women easy going to foreigners?

I would not say whole United Kingdom is the land known for the most beautiful ladies in the world, as it would be definitely not true but some chicks from the UK definitely deserve your attention and if you like to explore more in the field of foreign ladies, this is the country you definitely have to visit for new fresh feelings and extreme experience.

Foreigner is not a prince British lady is waiting for, but he is unique experience for her either. New fresh blood from foreign culture is sometimes new stream English lady is waiting for in her old fashioned conservative society. Not always English girl would like to spend time with foreigner. More likely she would consider him as suspicious person rather than interesting individual, but still you have chances. Remember also that in the United Kingdom ladies are quite influenced by open feministic views and sometimes your glance or even look at the girl in the UK might be considered by her as sexual harassment, so be aware of that and always keep that in mind.

You have chances to interest girl in the UK if she consider you exotic type of a man. When I tell my opinion in such types of article, I am telling about regular girls, but not about those who would go for money. The last type is almost the same in every country, except for those in Britain who are usually old, not very attractive and expensive.

It is easier to foreigner to attract British girl if he is from the first world countries like the US, Australia, Japan, Canada or Western countries of European Union. If you are eager to pick up a girl in the UK, you have to check different specialized forums, where men share their experience and hints in English language. There is tons of information and it would be easy for you to find it. Moreover, some day you might give same advices for the newcomers and those hints would make life of new visitor easier. This is a kind of men’s culture they share over colleagues over the world. Read also: Why men are searching for British women

If you visit the UK in search of girl, you better visit big cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool or Glasgow. You would have to rent a hotel room, hang out, find a suitable place for your targets and then visit it in search of girls. Then only you have a chance to spend a good memorable time. If you liked some girl in a bar, most likely she would be drunk. You have to find not trashed girl, but a little after alcohol, adequate in behavior. Usually those girls are not alone, but in the company with other girl friends. The best way to start a contact is to propose girl a drink or buy a drink, but very often you have to buy drinks for the whole company and the end of the evening might be very different than you think. You may get empty wallet with no girls at all or empty wallet with completely trashed puking girl near you. By the way, hotels and even hostels in Great Britain are expensive as well. But hostel is not a way out for you if you are looking for some love.

So, if you choose not to stay in the United Kingdom for permanent living, but visited this conservative and opened at once country, you have to follow the plan. This plan is simple, but would help you in the future to make stay period in Britain simple and nice. The main rules are:

  1. To have enough money for all your stay. The UK is expensive country to live, to work and to visit.
  2. To find nice hotel for staying.
  3. To find place for your “hunt”. This might be some pub, bar or club.
  4. To find girls, get acquainted and be nice with her. Be simple, interesting, ask her questions and be fun and use your sense of humor (if you have one LOL).
  5. Use your chance, but remember about restrictions, society culture and cultural rules, that might be very different than in your home country.

Many women in the UK are feeling lonely. This is the main chance or call it hint, you may choose. This is your plus and not to use your bonus would be a sin. Find lonely women and make her feel needed, lovely. Make her feel passion and genuine life pleasure. This is easy for man to use jokes, make compliments, buy flowers and buy some small presents. Such lonely women might firstly afraid of such you pressure so do not be pushy. She has to feel herself comfortable and when she explores you, she would be the happiest women in the world after years of loneliness.

If you are interested if marriage between foreigner and the girl from the UK is possible, I would say yes, but there are many peculiarities. Consider the fact that British women as well as their society are conservative, not eager to contact foreigners or as the new generation are not very likely to have husband as well. New consumer society and norms of Western girls affected the women of the United Kingdom. Very often they choose to be alone or to raise a child alone without a man. If you want to conquer a woman from the UK, be patient and lead to the aim with all your strength.

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